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How long will it take for a carpet or upholstery to dry?

It would mainly depend on type of the carpet and humidity level. For an example, Industrial carpet would dry quicker than a shaggy rug, thick underlay or long pile carpet. Approximate time that will be taken to dry a carpet is around one to two hours.

How long do I have to wait to walk on the carpet after it has been cleaned?

It is possible to walk on the carpet as soon as we cleaned it. But you have to make sure your shoes or feet are free of dirt since the carpets are still damp and easy to get dirt. Also there is chance of slipping when you are walking from the carpet into a hard surface. Therefore, be careful on your step.

What can I do to get the carpets dry quicker?

Drying process mainly depend on the humidity level in the air. Turning on your selling fan has a great impact of speeding up the drying process. When the humidity level is low, you may open the windows to let in a breeze through the house. Air Conditioner acts as a dehumidifier which helps to pull moisture from the house. Therefore, you may turn on the air conditioner whether the humidity level is high or low. 

Is there any extra charge applicable for a stain removal of a carpet?

There is no additional charge apply for stain removal. Total charge quoted for a carpet cleaning job will include this service as well. 

Is there any minimum call-out fee for a carpet cleaning job?

Yes, our minimum call-out fee is $85.

How do I pay for the service?

  • Pay by cash at end of the service
  • Payment through PayPal


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